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eDoktor is a telemedicine/telehealth service, a platform and an application. At eDoktor we believe that healthcare must be affordable and accessible. We strive to provide access to healthcare providers to all our service users, patients and clients whenever they need one. We also make it simple to healthcare providers to connect with new clients and connect with their existing clients and patients. No insurance is needed to connect, talk, ask questions and consult. Everybody is welcome. What one needs to do is to sign up for free, set up an account and connect with healthcare providers already logged in and available to start online communication, anytime, anywhere. eDoctor does not offer consultations when your life is in danger and you need urgent care. In case you need urgent help, please call an emergency service immediately or go to the nearest hospital. Our mission is to provide to general population and eDoktor service users a fast access to healthcare providers so a timely advice, consultation and health related questions are answered without the need of leaving the home, office, a hotel room, vacation placeā€¦ At the same time we want to enable healthcare professionals and providers to connect with new and existing clients, to schedule regular online hours, to login when convenient, to start an online practice, use their retirement time, create an extra or main income, connect with other healthcare professionals.... Our vision is to become a leading platform for telemedicine, to provide affordable and timely access to healthcare providers, make significant savings in healthcare spending, and help make better healthcare outcomes. eDoktor increases access to care, improves quality of care delivery, reduces healthcare costs, improves patient engagement and satisfaction, improves provider satisfaction.


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  • What is telemedicine?

    By definition of World health organisation (WHO) telemedicine is representing providing health care with use of information technologies, for the need for diagnostics, therapy and prevention of illness, need for continuous education of the medical staff, all for the interest of preserving health of individual and community.     Essentially, telemedicine is the term that is representing connection between clients and medical professionals online, remotely, without physical contact.


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