How does it work?

How does it work?

The way it operates

When you register on the eDoktor platform, you will be connected to hundreds of potential clients, as well as with your current clients and patients. By consulting clients, patients or those in need, you will be paid for your time at the agreed fee. With eDoktor, you will get an additional income under predetermined conditions, transparently and legally. Get rid of calls via a Viber or phone during your free time. Your pleasure is our priority.

In just a few steps you finish registration as a healthcare professional of our platform, after which you will receive a confirmation email. After that you will be contacted by our team and answer all your questions. And all of that in just a few minutes! When you sign up to the platform, you become visible to all potential clients, as an online healthcare professional, they can contact. By signing out of the page, you stop being visible to potential clients.

Patients can contact you in three ways:

Chat - duration 15 minutes

Video call-duration 15 minutes

Second opinion - patients can send you medical documentation looking for your expert opinion. After that, you have 48 hours to study the documentation and give your professional comments and recommendations. Receiving requests and sending responses is done via the e-mail address with which you use to sign into the platform.


After each consultation, patients can rate you based on their experience of consulting with you. A better rating means a higher position on the drop-down list of healthcare professionals can which result in additional income through increased consultations.



Frequently asked questions

  • What if I miss my booked appointment?

    If you miss your appointment, please get in touch with our support team on Please note that patient already paid for consultations, so he/she will grade you with low rating. If you think you are going to miss your appointment, you can cancel up to 12 hours before your appointment . Otherwise client already paid for consultation.

  • From which devices am I able to work?

    You are able to work only from desktop or laptop computer. Smartphones and tablets are not supported for the eDoktor platform.


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